03 September 2021

L.C.E. Engineering & Robotic SRL is an international robotics company with more than 20 years of experience. It was set up in 2001 thanks to the brilliant idea of the engineer Luciano Clemente and the effort of its professionals. It has consolidated its position in the market by offering its customers high-tech services and playing a significant role in the ROBOTICS and AUTOMATION sectors.

It offers solutions in various industrial sectors such as the motor, pharmaceutical and food industries through engineering related to robotics, PLCs, SCADA systems, industrial marking and artificial vision.

In 2009, LCE became a LIMITRONIC distributor and entered the coding and traceability market, creating dozens of applications. This enabled the company to provide its customers with added value, by also being able to offer product identification, personalisation and sorting services using industrial ink-jet printers.

They provide comprehensive solutions for smart production lines capable of tackling large-scale projects, managing and automating various stages of production, palletising and sorting.

It is worth highlighting the integration and implementation of our V7 White printers in many of their projects. These printers use the most advanced technology and allow perfect and durable printing on all types of black and dark surfaces. They avoid the need to apply adhesive labels, bringing numerous cost-saving benefits to the traceability process.

They also enable immediate production control through their connectivity capacity.

The technological challenges in all of their projects are successfully met thanks to the experience and expertise of L.C.E. Engineering & Robotic SRL and the motivation of the highly-qualified technical team that pursues its objectives with the utmost dedication. At LIMITRONIC we are grateful for the trust placed in our printing equipment in all the projects in which our industrial stations are used to provide definitive solutions for identification, packaging personalisation and traceability.