07 December 2021

This innovative company specialises in coding and printing technology and is based in Zaanstad.

They are distributors of the leading European manufacturers of solutions for packaging identification and printing on cardboard, paper, glass, PVC, EPS and plastic.


  • They offer tailor-made solutions for production lines and 24/7 technical assistance. The excellence of their service is based on personalisation and study of each manufacturer or wholesaler, performing tailored installations that increase productivity.
  • They have a broad product range, using state-of-the-art technology. They are able to offer their customers the most innovative and high-performance solutions, thanks to their broad product offering and their knowledge and specialised experience.
  • Their services notably include 2-colour GHS coding with the V6 Lite printer, to avoid adhesive labelling. Printing directly on the packaging in a single pass has many advantages over traditional adhesive labelling, as it reduces downtime, saves on supplies and energy, and the print does not deteriorate with rubbing as happens with labels.
  • The range of full-colour printers also stands out with the V6 Color and V7 Color devices. Thanks to this technology, they offer their customers high-resolution, definitive printing, ensuring flexibility in short runs, and reducing the need to keep pre-printed boxes in stock.