It offers solutions in various industrial sectors such as the motor, pharmaceutical and food industries through engineering related to robotics, PLCs, SCADA systems, industrial marking and artificial vision.

In 2009, LCE became a LIMITRONIC distributor and entered the coding and traceability market, creating dozens of applications. This enabled the company to provide its customers with added value, by also being able to offer product identification, personalisation and sorting services using industrial ink-jet printers.


Available worldwide from April 2021, the new partnership will cover Limitronic’s full colour high resolution digital printing portfolio and offers users the opportunity to drive multiple forms of printing from a single platform.

AltEPS packaging

EPS packaging has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for the protection of electrical appliances and electrical equipment and also to transport food such as fish, shellfish and others.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) markings are currently made with adhesive labels. This system implies greater production time and higher supply cost.

Conferencia distribuidores GSIConferencia distribuidores GSI

These and other interesting issues resulted in an exciting conference about coding, marking, traceability and different printing solutions to adapt our printers to our customer’s needs.

Paneles solares en Limitronic

Nowadays, renewable energies are an alternative to generate electricity at lower cost and without polluting, and they are also an ideal option to take care of natural resources without harming the environment.