19 February 2019

Limitronic is commited to environmental care and we contribute to sustainability with the installation of solar panels for self-consumption in our facilities.


More and more consumers are committed to environmental care, sustainability and above all, with energy consumption. For this reason, solar energy is gaining ground and there are already many who have switched to electric self-consumption.

Nowadays, renewable energies are an alternative to generate electricity at lower cost and without polluting, and they are also an ideal option to take care of natural resources without harming the environment.

The solar panels are clean, silent and do not harm the environment; thanks to them, considerable energy savings are generated that are reflected in the long-term economy; its maintenance is minimal, which helps the system to have a useful life of between 20 and 30 years, and also does not need complex care.

Also, the energy produced by solar panels helps reduce greenhouse gases and reduce climate change; thus generating less dependence on other sources of energy that are not renewable and that cause serious damage to the environment; on the other hand, it promotes rural development, since in addition to providing these benefits it improves the quality of life of the inhabitants of those areas.

At Limitronic we consider ourselves a modern and proactive company in the face of environmental care, in fact many of the most important companies globally (such as Apple, Ikea or Facebook among others) already boast of consuming green energy.

We say YES to electric self-consumption!




Sources: Alcanzia.es / hidroponia.mx

Installation of solar panels by: https://www.edfsolar.es/