04 December 2019

Limitronic, together with its US exclusive Partner – Graphic Solid Inks, held its first Distributor Conference at GSI’s Head Quarters in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Six distributors from all across the country attended the two day Conference, which among other topics included a Sales and Technical Training on Limitronic’s V5, V6 and V7 product lines.

The main features and applications of these series according to its model are the following:

V5: It is recommended mainly for coding, marking and decorating general applications.

V6: It is recommended for “fast” (high speed) applications or where a high number of heads is needed.

V7: This model is recommended for “Turnkey” or special applications, with the possibility of combining different technologies. High quality and resolution.

These and other interesting issues resulted in an exciting conference about coding, marking, traceability and different printing solutions to adapt our printers to our customer’s needs.

Next Distributor Conference will be held in Alpharetta during the first week of June.

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