V7 Pallet. The best solution for pallet identification and coding.

The quick and definitive solution.

Limmitronic’s inkjet pallet identification system is an evolution in terms of run time, economy, durability and safety.

The V7 Pallet printer adapts to the company’s production line to work non-stop and optimize time and performance.

It allows total flexibility and customization of high resolution printing.





Benefits of our digital printing system


If you are still using the incandescent seal marking system, we will carry out a study to help you in the digitization and improvement of this process.

  • Adapted to your manufacturing system.
  • Non-stops. Regardless of the need to changes images, qr codes, inks.
  • Production increase of 15% on average, by not stopping to print.
  • Line speed up to 60 m/min with print quality at 360 dpi.
  • Print up to 2 cm away from the pallet.
  • V7 generates a unique, clear and durable QR code for each pallet.
  • We use inks that are mineral oil free, low migration and sustainable.


Printing station protection system.


The printer is equipped with a 15 mm thick head protector to prevent damage to the printer caused by blows against pallets, sawdust or possible splinters or nails in the wood.

This system allows the correct printing on the pallet and also avoids the deterioration of the printer, giving it great robustness and reliability. With it, we can print up to 2 cm. away from the pallet.

  • It avoids any type of risk, thus protecting the safety of the workers and the factory. In addition, our system does not require regular overhaul, as is the case with the traditional hot seal method.
  • Eliminates defective marks, our system prints definitively, in one pass and on wet surfaces. It is also resistant to phytosanitary treatment.
  • Minimizes power consumption and reduces the cost of each print. With V7 Pallet all messages are modified from the controller screen and no stamping is required.


Prints directly on blue and red wooden pallets.

V7 Pallet is the best choice for printing at 360 dpi on EPAL pallets, Europallets in natural, blue and red colours. It allows us to adapt the information to each type of pallet and each type of message. In a single pass it prints logos, QR codes, and all kinds of variable information on both sides of the pallet.

V7 Pallet is a single printer for all necessary coding.


Do not hesitate to contact Limitronic for more information about our specialized printing systems. Our sales and technical team will be delighted to help you.



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