Print track codes and real time data in fish boxes being produced inside vessels fishing on the high seas.

TARGET: Reliability and robustness.

REQUIREMENTS: Work under harsh environment and integration with vessel’s production indicators


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REQUIREMENT: Print boxes in harsh environment.

SOLUTION: Reliable and robust printer.

Moving vessel is a challenging environment to print using high resolution techniques. A part from this critical challenge, there are additional requirements from customer:

  • Direct print on the box of real-time, track and coding information.
  • Integration with vessel’s production control.
  • Direct connection with scales and production counters.
  • Printed information sent live to ERP.
  • Visual inspection of fish production.
  • Live printing of traceability data (coordinates of fish banks, etc.)
  • Direct integration with scales and production counters.
  • Information is sent to the ERP during each printed box.
  • Visual inspection of on-board production in real time.
  • Ship production statistics in a simple way.