V5 Printer Standard Multi-head

V5_STD limitronic

The printer automatically adapts in heigh and position to the dimensions of the packaging  to print the message in the right place. V5 Standard Multi-head has up to 4 independent heads. It is a non-stop working equipment, single-pass, practically on any surface, from 70 mm to 280 mm. It needs low maintance level and allow us to save on operation costs.

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Industrial printer V5 Lite

V5 lite limitronic

Omnidirectional digital printing. Prints on most surfaces obtaining vivid colours using the UV-LED drying unit.

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Industrial printer V5 CMYK

V5_CMYK limitronic

Industrial Inkjet printer that allows you to encode and decorate with a single equipment

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Industrial printer V5 Compact

Limitronic v5_compact

Inkjet V5 Compact prints on cardboard, stump, plastic, metal and EPS

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