Transforming product marking processes: Say goodbye to labels

Transforming your current product marking processes thanks to LIMITRONIC's digital printing technology. It is a solution built in your manufacturing or packaging line that consists on inkjet printing directly onto the product.

Digital technology prints directly on the product any kind of data: texts, barcodes, QR codes and images. Ink drops are ejected by printheads contactless on the substrate, in a single-pass, with high resolution printing.

At LIMITRONIC we develop and manufacture inkjet printing equipment for customization, decoration, marking and in-line coding of products, parts and packaging. LIMITRONIC solutions print directly on almost every surface:

  • Bottles and containers for Chemistry industry (CLP / GHS regulations)
  • Corrugated packaging (satin and porous liners)
  • EPS packaging (expanded polystyrene)
  • Woods, metals and plastics
  • Promotional products
  • Protective covers and adhesives


High resolution inkjet printing technology brings an important advantage over conventional labeling equipment: longer lifespan of printheads. LIMITRONIC printheads are frictionless as there is no direct contact with the substrate while printing. As a result, printhead’s lifetime is much longer compared with printheads used in conventional label printers.

Single-pass = efficiency

Limitronic equipment only uses the movement of a conveyor to print on the product or package in a single-pass. This results in higher efficiency compared to other traditional systems.

Integrated in your manufacturing line

In-line printing is one step forward in the manufacturing process, specifically to do variable data printing: QR codes, barcodes, batch number, CLP/GHS labeling, product description at short runs, images. Thus, printing shouldn’t slow down production rate or create stoppages that affect productivity. For this reason, integration of printing equipment in the manufacturing line, reliability and self-reliance is a key factor.

Efficiency and much more

Inkjet technology for printing and coding of products offers many competitive advantages over conventional labeling:


Conventional labels have a limited size where any required information must be included. With LIMITRONIC technology the only limit is the product itself. Therefore, printing area is as big as the required information size. LIMITRONIC inkjet technology offers great versatility as it is capable to handle either digital images, dynamic fields, barcodes and texts (both in CMYK and monochrome printing).


Digital inkjet printing allows printing on complex surfaces without any direct contact with the substrate. As it is a digital process, inkjet printing provides great flexibility to the manufacturing line by reducing set up and change over times and increasing print speed.


Product marking using labels usually requires stopping the lineto apply the label on the product or on the packaging. LIMITRONIC inkjet technology prints products and boxes on the go (up to more than 50 meters/min depending on the equipment). As a result, marking process is a highly efficient and cost-competitive process.


High resolution printing technology means savings, specially consumables. High precision printing translates into reduced ink consumption. The cost of a single traditional label (included the ribbon) is up to 8 times the unit cost of printing the same amount of information using LIMITRONIC equipment.


Removing label roll or replacing ribbons means to stop manufacturing line, thus increasing costs. On the contrary, you don’t need to stop the line to replace the ink bottles at LIMITRONIC printing systems,which results in increased manufacturing competitiveness.

NO LIMITS. Direct to the product or the packaging.

In some cases, such as the food industry, there are products which require cold storage and need special adhesive labels which usually aremore expensive than regular ones. Otherwise, labels areaffected by temperature changes and they peel off the packaging. LIMITRONIC digital inkjet printing direct on the product shows perfect printing with information always readable even in these refrigerated environments.

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