Transform in-line marking of your products and packaging

High resolution inkjet printing with MOF inks is a clean, efficient and highly competitive process.

Industrial marking has evolved towards solutions that integrate in the manufacturing and packaging lines. Inkjet printing is a non-contact technology providing high print quality at high speeds.

Among the ink options available, MOF (mineral oil free) and UV Iinks show many advantages over others and specifically over traditional hot melt inks because they offer:

  • Great adhesion to any substrate
  • More competitive cost
  • Longer printhead lifespan
  • Lower power consumption


Limitronic marking systems consist on inkjet printing with MOF inks. These printersoffer total availability, no matter whether theyhave to stopat any time or even after a power outage. Limitronic’s ink technology avoid printhead clogging.

On the contrary, printers using hot melt inks need longer set up times to reach the high temperatures they need to operate (about 140 ºC areneeded to melt the inks before theycan be used for printing). Not to mention the difficulty and danger of handling high temperature elements on production lines.

Temperature issues

High temperature required by hot melt inks affects directly to printheads. Operating at high temperature to keep inks viscosity of the inks results in printhead wear and reduced lifespan thus, increasing maintenance costs. Furthermore, these printers have a high electrical consumption and a total dependence on an uninterrupted power supply since their set up time is not immediate.

Advantages of Limitronic’s high resolution inkjet printing

Limitronic’s digital inkjet systems operate with MOF as well as low migration UV inks. They are designed to provide high print quality while optimizing productivity in your manufacturing lines.


Learn how to evolve to single-pass inkjet printing technology for in-line marking. Know about Limitronic clean and efficient solutions.

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