Our equipment can work in humid conditions of food industry environment

Directly printing full colour images and variable data on EPS packaging.

Humid conditions required to preserve fish products pose a challenge when it comes to applying data, codes or your corporate image to your packages.

Limitronic printers can work very efficiently in this sector and offer many advantages.

EPS packaging is clearly the packaging of choice for fish and fresh and frozen products due to its ability to withstand the temperatures and humidity characteristic of these environments.

These humid conditions required to preserve fish products pose a challenge when it comes to applying data, codes or the corporate image to these packages.

The fishing industry increasingly has to meet more and more traceability and information requirements for its products. In addition to ensuring their safety and quality, it is becoming an indispensable tool to improve the sustainability of natural resources.



    All fishing or aquaculture products must bear the following information:

    • The identification of each batch.
    • The identification of the fishing vessel or the name of the aquaculture production unit.
    • The species' FAO 3-alpha code.
    • The capture date or production date.
    • Amounts of each species.
    • Supplier information.
    • Consumer information: trade name, scientific name, geographical area and production method.
    • Indication of whether the fishing product has been frozen.

    Traditionally, an adhesive labelling system has been used to provide traceability data and a different system has been used to decorate each pack.

    This system has some disadvantages, as the adhesive labels are often peeled off or damaged by friction and humidity. It is also a slower process, which consumes more resources in terms of supplies, energy or logistics, as these tasks must be carried out separately by different machines.

    Limitronic printers allow perfect compliance with the UNE-53933 regulatory standard with just one printing system. It also has many advantages:

    - Tailored design adaptable to each company's facilities.

    The printing stations can be adapted to work in a compact, optimised manner in markets, ships or packaging lines. It is thus possible to provide the packaging with all of the required information, such as logos, barcodes, batch, date, etc.

    - Print the variable data on each container in real time.

    This capability of our printing system clearly solves and streamlines the need to apply unique variable data to each product. For example, each container's weight is displayed on the scale and the time and other necessary data are immediately printed on the EPS box.

    - Immediate production control thanks to its connectivity.

    Our printing systems are adapted to the demands of a market in which connectivity and immediate data transfer are becoming increasingly necessary in all sectors.

    Our printers communicate the data being printed on each pack to other computers and departments regardless of their geolocation. This improves the production control system.

    - Perfect, clear and definitive printing.

    It efficiently prints text and small-format alphanumeric codes, logos, QR codes and all types of data definitively regardless of temperature and humidity conditions.

    - High durability and reliability of our systems.

    We guarantee the excellent reliability of our printers, which require little maintenance and can work intensively.

    - Time, energy and supply savings.

    Each printer installation is designed to increase the productivity of the process. This, together with the printers' speed, provides considerable time savings. In addition, the use of labels is no longer necessary, and ink and energy consumption is reduced by the intelligent metering systems in our machines.

    - They can be used with your NiceLabel design software.

    You can use your NiceLabel design software with the same interface and ease of use, but with major improvements due to the contributions from our printing system.

    - They can be integrated in collaborative robots.

    Our printers can be freely integrated in any kind of automated engineering. Their incorporation in collaborative robots can increase productivity when customising packaging and allow printing on all sides of the boxes with excellent quality.


    Do not hesitate to contact Limitronic for more information about our specialized EPS printing systems. Our sales and technical team will be delighted to help you.

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