MOF & LMX printing systems and inks to improve sustainability

Limitronic remains commitment to the circular economy and we are targeting our work and research at the market for more sustainable products.


The circular economy and recycling of containers and packaging is one of the objectives set by the new European sustainability laws. The labelling of individual containers sometimes poses an additional problem for recycling.

When the information has been directly applied to them with traditional mineral oil inks, they are contaminated by the inks. We are thus seeking to progressively increase the use of sustainable inks.

When the information is applied with stickers, they need to be separated from the packaging before recycling. This complicates the process and takes longer.



Since traditional oil-based inks are one of the most polluting components in the packaging identification and traceability process, Limitronic is turning to MOF and LMX inks, which are free of mineral oils and low migration. We are adapting our printing equipment to ensure they perform optimally.


Why is it more sustainable to use MOF & LMX inks in our printing systems?


  • They come from renewable resources, which reduces the consumption of petrochemical mineral resources.
  • These inks significantly reduce the production of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are highly polluting.
  • MOF & LMX inks are recyclable, so they are particularly suitable for use on packaging intended to be recycled.
  • They are particularly suitable for food-related industries, as they prevent contamination and are therefore recommended by the European Trade Association.
  • The use of Limitronic inks in our printers reduces raw material and energy costs.
  • Printing directly on the packaging with our inks and printers prevents contamination from traditional adhesive labels or other packaging customisation techniques such as screen printing.
  • Printing and coding for the circular economy does not disappear due to rubbing or use as adhesive labels do, which enhances the success of the recycling system.


MOF & LMX inks ensure long-lasting, high-definition printing.


  • The print quality is impeccable, making barcodes and QR codes more scannable.
  • They enable full-colour printing with realistic, sharp images for packaging customisation.
  • They work perfectly at high temperatures unlike other types of inks.
  • The inks do not dry out in the printheads as easily as traditional inks, which cuts maintenance and breakdown costs.
  • Good-quality dark and black tones are achieved.


What containers and packaging can these inks be used on?


MOF & LMX inks are suitable for use on most surfaces.

On porous substrates, they provide high performance and quality. They can be used on materials such as cardboard, wood, paper, EPS-POREX, XPS and plastics.

They are the most recommended inks for the food and beverage industry, so they can be used on EPS packaging for fish products, cardboard boxes containing food or drinks, wooden crates or all types of pallets.


How can I buy these mineral oil-free inks?


Limitronic's MOF & LMX inks are distributed in 1-litre bottles in all colours, and are very easy to replace in the printer without the need to halt the printing process to change them.

For more information about our sustainable printing inks, contact our technical and sales team. We will be delighted to help you.

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