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Benefits of the Limitronic printing system compared to traditional systems using pre-printed cartons and labels.

Cartonboard packaging offers great versatility for multiple industries. This option is used for food packaging as well as secondary packaging for pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Cartonboard is also often used as primary packaging for industrial parts.

It is also an easily recyclable material, and thanks to Limitronic's digital system and the use of its MOF & LMX inks, the recycling of cardboard and the development of more sustainable processes is possible.

Traditionally, for the customization of cardboard packaging it is necessary to accumulate a multitude of pre-printed boxes with different designs, and also to apply adhesive labelling with codes and all kinds of information. Say goodbye to traditional adhesive labels

Thanks to Limitronic's technology, all this process is unified in a single machine that prints on demand. In addition, our equipment can be integrated into the existing production and packaging lines of each company, thus optimizing the whole process.

Limitronic printers cover all the needs of decoration and identification of containers and packaging. From full colour customization to permanent and dynamic data traceability, offering multiple coding options such as font selection, barcodes or QR codes.

The system is a revolution in terms of execution time, cost-effectiveness, durability and flexibility. Some of the main advantages are:


Reduced cost per box

The direct cost is usually lower by purchasing anonymous boxes and printing the information on demand. The purchase of pre-printed boxes with the different images is usually more expensive for both short and very long print runs. We also save on storage space for the stock of pre-printed boxes.

With a production of 500,000 boxes per year, a printer could be amortised in one year.

Improved planning

The planning of the annual required quantities is simplified. The possibility of stock-outs and the resulting line stoppages is practically eliminated. Increased production flexibility by being able to introduce any part number at any time.

Reduction of capital employed

By using anonymous boxes, the cost of stock is significantly reduced, with lower financial costs. Stocks of pre-printed cartons, labels and ribbon contribute to increased capital tied up.

No line stoppages

Printing does not require frequent material replenishment as is the case with labelling machines that require frequent label reel changes.

frequent reel changes of labels and ribbon. In addition to this they suffer from frequent material jams resulting in unscheduled downtime. With Limitronic printers there is also no need to stop production to change inks, messages or print size.

Simplification of the purchasing process

Significant reduction of orders and quantities of anonymous boxes compared to multiple and different orders for pre-printed boxes and labels.

Flexibility and freedom

Possibility of immediate and flexible unforeseen production changes and less dependence on the supplier.

In addition, no box becomes obsolete due to changes in legislation or communication, as every print is produced exactly when it is needed.

Advantages in logistics

Printing boxes on demand in your own factory gives you independence and self-sufficiency, which translates into agility in shipments, saving space to store box stock.

Greater connectivity

We are part of Industry 4.0. With our system, errors are eliminated, processes are automated and competitiveness is improved.

We can follow the entire process remotely thanks to the connectivity between printers, computers and applications.

Today's supply chain and logistics have been greatly improved by the evolution of tracking materials and packaged goods. The changing regulations are, together with the safety of food and pharmaceutical products, important drivers for the improvement of traceability programmes. From Limitronic we offer this range of definitive and robust digital printing solutions, perfect for packaging traceability.

All the data of expiry date, origin, location etc. are printed definitively on the containers and packaging of each product.


For more information about our direct printing solutions for porous and non-porous cardboard packaging, please do not hesitate to contact our team, we will be delighted to help you.

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