Coding and in-line marking for product and batch traceability

High resolution inkjet technology prints directly on to the product in the manufacturing or packaging line. All kinds of information can be printed, while integrating innovative traceability and geolocation tools

Value chain faces challenges such as the need of full visibility of any good or asset along the manufacturing and distributing processes of Industry 4.0. Coding and individual marking of each product and batch is the ideal solution to have traceability both backwards and forwards. And this is so for all kind of packaging: primary, secondary and tertiary. 

Limitronic inkjet equipment can print any type of data: images, logos, barcodes, QR codes and texts; on any type of substrates: corrugated board, plastic, EPS, electronic devices, promotional products, protecting covers, metallic surfaces, etc. For this reason, the use of this technology is not limited to the packaging but the product itself. In this respect, inkjet printing is a perfect traceability instrument for internal and external processes.   


Only inkjet technology allows printing variable data, which means having different information printed on each product or logistic unit.

Hight resolution

High resolution inkjet printing provides optimal and reliable reading of codes for automated systems (barcode and QR readers). 

Superior technology

Limitronic inkjet printing systems mean a qualitative technologic leap with respect to hot melt printing or labelling.
Inkjet is a clean printing process. It is cost-competitive, it does not require maintenance and it has a very low power consumption compared with hot melt inks. On the other hand, inkjet technology does not require stops in the line for consumable replacement, as the traditional labelling processes do.


Digital inkjet printing is an efficient technology that does not interfere in the manufacturing processes. Limitronic printing equipment are reliable and autonomous and do not slow down production rates. They are also a helpful tool to implement Industry 4.0 practices


Any information to be printed onto the product or packaging may be a dynamic file that is quickly updated by the printing system. Furthermore, inkjet is a non-contact technology, able to print on complex surfaces. As a result, inkjet printing is a versatile solution in manufacturing and packaging lines.


Limitronic printing systems integrate with traceability tools such as QR Tracing, which is an innovative solution based on QR Codes. It provides real time geolocating of industrial assets in internal and external processes. High resolution printing provides optimal Reading of the QR Codes.

Limitronic digital inkjet printing in-line is an integrated and efficient solution allowing to: 

  • Add variable info to your product
  • Customized packaging with images and logos
  • Easily include logistic, geolocation and traceability data in the product or batch


Learn how to move to single-pass digital inkjet printing with Limitronic.

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