Customise food packaging with automated digital printing

Food packaging needs to customise each package to identify its contents, the brand and all kinds of data and information.
Traceability in the food industry is essential to guarantee the quality of products when they reach the end consumer.


It must include data on the manufacture and origin of the product and also transformation processes. It also makes it possible to locate any food within the distribution chain, so that it can be withdrawn from the market if necessary.

The food must include a multitude of information on its packaging, such as:


  • The sales denomination of the product.
  • Identification of the company: the name, company name or denomination of the manufacturer or packer or of a seller established within the European Union and, in any case, its address.
  • The list of ingredients.
  • EAN 13 and EAN 128 codes
  • The quantity of certain ingredients or category of ingredients.
  • Nutritional information.
  • The net quantity, for packaged products.
  • The date of minimum durability or use-by date.
  • The special storage and use conditions.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Batch.
  • Place of origin or provenance.


In addition, boxes are increasingly being customised with attractive advertising images that describe and promote the products and make them stand out in the sales channels, so having equipment capable of printing in full colour while providing the necessary coding is the most efficient and productive solution.


Advantages of our digital ink-jet printing system for identification, traceability and decoration of food packaging.

From Limitronic we design and implement a custom printing system integrated in the packaging lines, able to manage all the applications of decoration and traceability. It is suitable for printing on cardboard, wooden boxes, EPS packaging, sacks, and plastics, so it can cover most of the packaging in the market. In addition, our system complies with the health and safety regulations required to work in the food industry.


  • It supports recycling and the circular economy thanks to its low-migration MOF and LMX inks.
  • Flexibility in short or long runs, and variable box formats, on the same print run and printing line.
  • Printing of variable traceability data in real time such as variety, batch, or weight, and all types of barcodes or QR codes.
  • Advertises and differentiates products at the point of sale with high resolution images.
  • Clear and definitive coding that will accompany the product in perfect condition until the final consumer purchases it.
  • Saves on pre-printed boxes, labels, time, ink and energy.
  • Facilitates connectivity and real-time data transmission between printers and other devices.

Reduce time-to-market and improve planning and control on packaging lines with our dedicated digital printing system for food packaging.


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